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We use nickel permalloy material to making shields that prevent electronic device malfunction and noise. The nickel permalloy is the most effective material of electromagnetic shield. The shield is used for various usage of precision measurement shield, insutrument shield and shield room. We make shield products in cooperation with patner company in Japan.

Permalloy Products

Permalloy material is excellent in both magnetic and processing characteristics and can be formed into all sorts of shapes. To fully bring out those excellent characteristics, material needs to be selected carefully and special techniques are required for material processing, heat treatment and quality control. Vision technologies and Partner company station specialist engineers at each process with a view to create the highest quality in individual products.

Shield Room

Countless electromagnetic waves and magnetic fields are generated around us. They are indispensable to the present society in various fields including telecommunications, medicine, industry and research and there is a sign of their coming to be utilized more and more. On the other hand, some of them are unnecessary and have actually caused problems.
Partner company produces products fully taking into consideration customer needs in term of magnetic noise measurement, design and installation and provides shield room services that can satisfy all customer needs.

There are a number of technologies that utilize or generate magnetic fileds in various areas such as medicine, industry, research and so forth. On the other hand, precision equipment easy to be affected by magnetic fields is widely used. As such equipment is improved in precision, it becomes more susceptible to the noise of magnetic fields.
In accordance with customer requirements, Ohtama designs and builds a shield room for equipment that generates magnetic fileds and for equipment susceptible to the noise of magnetic fields.


- Shield Room
- Shielding
- Medical X-RAY room
- Defense communications facilities
- Automobile
- Transformer sheild case

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